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Ear Infection Specialist

Adam Karns, MD -  - Internist

Adam Karns, MD

Internist located in Beverly Hills, CA

Getting an ear infection is a common problem for many people today. If you have an ear infection, Adam Karns, MD, an internal medicine physician, can help. At his practice located in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, California, he offers a wide range of treatments, such as ear lavage. Learn more about ear infection treatment by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Ear Infection Q&A

What Are the Signs of an Ear Infection?

An ear infection, especially an inner ear infection, can have a variety of symptoms. Some of the most common indicators of an ear infection include a persistent ache in the ear, inability to sleep, dizziness, fever, leakage from the ears, balance problems, decreased ability to hear clearly, and nausea. Outer ear infections are often very obvious, as they result in swollen red skin on the ear's exterior. These symptoms may be sporadic but are usually persistent until the infection is treated.

How do Viral and Bacterial Ear Infections Differ?

Ear infections are the result of either a virus or a bacteria. An ear infection caused by bacteria is often treated with antibiotics. However, antibiotics can't clear up a viral ear infection. 

Non-severe ear infections may not require any medication at all. People with chronic ear infections may eventually need a surgical procedure to correct the underlying issue that causes the chronic infections.

What is Ear Lavage?

Ear lavage, also known as ear irrigation, is an effective way to keep the ears clean and healthy. This treatment is done on healthy ears and can prevent ear infections from occurring in the future. 

Before an ear lavage, Dr. Karns will check the ears to determine what type of buildup exists. If waxy buildup is the issue, Dr. Karns will do the lavage procedure with a tool that is similar to a syringe. This tool will send a water and saline mixture directly into the area where the waxy buildup exists. 

This quickly flushes out the extra wax and leaves the ear canal clean and healthy. It is especially important that any ear lavage is performed only by a physician. 

When ear irrigation is improperly attempted at home, it could result in damage to the ear, including ear infections.

If you have an ear infection, call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn about available treatments. 


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