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Mental Health is key to overall wellbeing. Dr. Adam Karns is ready to help Los Angeles, CA residents find the medications and treatments that help them stay healthy and happy.

Mental Health Q&A

What is Mental Illness?

A mental illness is a medical condition that interferes with a person's mood, their ability to think clearly, how they relate to other people, and many other aspects of their daily functioning. A mental illness is a legitimate illness, just as a disease like diabetes is a legitimate illness. Mental illness does not go away on its own, and a person can't simply will their way out of it. Treatment is not only important, but it can even be life-saving for a person who suffers from a mental illness.

What is Depression?

Depression is a very common issue for millions of people today. People who suffer from depression may have symptoms like lack of interest in spending time with others, weight loss or gain, irregular sleep patterns, and erratic eating habits. Depressed people often have low self-esteem, and they may feel so bad about themselves that they often feel life is hopeless. While the symptoms of depression can be extremely serious, they can also be managed and treated. Dr. Karns can work with patients to find a medication that helps alleviate their depression, and can also recommend lifestyle changes that may help.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

An anxiety disorder occurs when a person has extreme reactions that they can't control. With social anxiety disorder, people may avoid interacting with others due to feelings of panic while socializing. In panic disorder, the anxiety is sudden and overwhelming. Panic attacks are unpredictable and often frightening due to physical manifestations like racing heart and tight chest. Generalized anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety that people have when they tend to feel anxious all the time about everyday matters. No matter what type of anxiety is present, Dr. Karns can help by working with the patient to make lifestyle changes. Anti-anxiety medications may also be helpful.


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